Get to know me

Born here, raised here

My past

My name is Lyndsie Wall.  I graduated from Mentor Public Schools in 2009. Teachers and friends may remember me better by my maiden name, Lyndsie Shatkoff

I grew up here in Mentor, raised by my father who was devoted to our city for many years. He set the example for my brothers and I because he was a true public servant as a former U.S. Marine, a Mentor Police Officer and President of the Mentor Chamber of Commerce. 

He taught me the value of respect, the importance of community, education, equality, and trust in our elected officials, and to have faith in our government. 

My present—and future

Now, I am raising my own family here in Mentor. I have two boys who attend Mentor Public Schools, and they are the primary reason I have become so involved in supporting public education. I actively volunteer in the schools and in the community because I am invested in making Mentor the best place to live. And not just for me and my family, but for generations to come. That starts with our schools.

Our community deserves school board representation by someone who has deep roots in Mentor. Someone who has history here, but also a future. Once a cardinal, always a cardinal. 

I am committed to our community and schools today, and in all the days that follow. It would be an honor and privilege to represent you on the Mentor Public School Board!

Community Projects

It takes a village